Health benefits of massage therapy

Today’s hectic lifestyle is the cause of several health problems such as poor metabolism, headache, anxiety, insomnia, stress due to improper sleep, and the likes. Our technique & professional approach are meant to help you overcome these problems. Also, there are other reasons why you need massage therapy like Myofascial pain syndrome, Soft tissue strains or injuries, Sports injuries, etc. Here are some other crucial benefits.

  • Ease surgical effect
  • Improve blood flow
  • Elate mood
  • Increase flexibility
  • Curbing carpal tunnel
  • Reduce muscle spasm and cramping
  • Stimulate lymph system
  • Wash out toxin
  • Improve sleep
  • Enhance immunity
  • Help recover from a strenuous workout
  • And many more…

About Frenchy Spa

Simon brings over 15 years of experience of true therapeutic massage. Part of the pre-opening team of Remede Spa at the St. Regis San Francisco, Simon was already recognized in The Luxury Travel magazine as their Top Therapist! Simon built his name and reputation in San Francisco as the owner of Spa J’Adore and most recently Frenchy Spa. Simon’s success comes from his unique ability to identify what the customer needs and to tailor his massage so each of them leaves their session rejuvenated. Simon gets accolades from his customers who qualify their experience as the “Best Ever!”, “Changed my Life”, “Healing”, “Unique Technique”, “Reliever of Pain”.

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