Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a muscle-melting bliss and a great way to get relieved from muscle stiffness. We provide Hot Stone Massage to our clients using heated stones that are placed at specific sites on the body. The therapy is deepening relaxation and promoting circulation in the muscles. Muscles heated with these stones release stress on a deep level. Our Hot Stone Massage Therapists uses Swedish massage techniques in alternate areas for a rejuvenating and nurturing experience.

Our Hot Stone Massage Therapy is best for –
Muscle Soreness, Tension, and Stiffness

How massaging with a basalt stone will be helpful?
The hot stones used in the massage therapy will be positioned along your spine, along with the legs, between the toes, and in the palms of your hand. The basalt stones are taken from river beds for massage as they have rich iron content that retains heat. Our hot stone massage therapy in Union Square, San Francisco will ease off the muscle tension and increases metabolism. Our therapy session will promote deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of soft, water-heated stones at certain points of your body. The specialists will incorporate a modified massage, with hot stones enhancing the benefits.

Are you facing anxiety problems? FrechySpa is there for you with all different types of message therapies to reduce muscle pain and anxiety. The therapy will help you relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases and muscle tension. Get a healing experience combining hot stone protocols with a full body massage. The stones used for massage have a sedative effect that promotes deep relaxation and relieves chronic pain.

What are the effects and side effects of Hot Stone Massage?
The hot stone therapy will increase the lymphatic flow in your body and remove the waste products. Some of the benefits of hot stone massage are:

Provides relief from pain and tension
Increases the flexibility in joints and aids easy mobility
Reduces tension and chronic stress
Get relief from pain associated with arthritis, carpal tunnel and other chronic conditions
Relaxes the tense muscles
It alleviates depression
Promotes sleep and improves circulation
Relief from back pain and muscular pain
Here are the hot stone massage side effects –
Scalding and burning
Bruised and sore skin
Increases sensitivity
Increased risk of infection
FrenchySpa provides you the massage therapy at a very cost-effective rate. A Hot Stone Massage is a popular form of massage that is providing the warmth of the hot stones for a relaxing experience. The massage is suited for people who feel chilly or have cold feet. The heat is relaxing the muscles and thus allowing the therapist to work with the muscles without using deep pressure. The stones we use are never rough and are heated in an electrical heating unit. The services are provided by an experienced therapist with many years of experience in the same field.

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