Yelp 5***** Frenchy Spa

Simon is a miracle worker.  The word masseuse really does not even begin to cover the breadth and depth of his knowledge. You can instantly tell that his technique is unlike anyone else’s.  He was trained in Europe, where massage is part of overall wellness.  He knows how to apply deep slow pressure to release the maximum amount of toxins from the body.  He also understands in great detail the skeletal structure, muscle tissue, injuries, even pregnancy massage.  He has the expertise of a chiropractor, fitness trainer, medical assistant and masseuse all rolled into one.  I’ve been seeing him for years and during that time he’s hardly ever given me the same massage twice.  He tailors each massage to exactly what my body needs, whether I’m fatigued, have a yoga injury or lower back pain.  He is upbeat, positive, extremely professional and very thorough in addressing your requests.  I always leave feeling 5 years younger and the benefits continue for days.  He is a vital part of my regular self-care regimen and I recommend him to anyone who wants a massage that is truly customized to their body’s needs.
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