Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 9AM - 9PM


Simon  recently relocated his business, Frenchy Spa from San Francisco to Palm Springs CA
Simon brings over 15 years of experience of true therapeutic massage. Part of the pre-opening team of Remede Spa at the St. Regis San Francisco, Simon was already recognized in The Luxury Travel magazine as their Top Therapist! Simon built his name and reputation in San Francisco as the owner of Spa J’Adore and most recently Frenchy Spa. Simon’s success comes from his unique ability to identify what the customer needs and to tailor his massage so each of them leaves their session rejuvenated. Simon gets accolades from his customers who qualify their experience as the “Best Ever!”, “Changed my Life”, “Healing”, “Unique Technique”, “Reliever of Pain”.
Call (415)238-2099   to book your appointment with Simon!
An hour massage lasts an hour at Frenchy Spa. Not the standard fifty minutes hour of most spas. And, you will never be rushed to leave the room after your session. The Goal is to get relaxed, after all. We encourage you to give yourself some extra time to stroll down to Palm Springs after a massage session. The more you let yourself notice the benefits, the longer they will last. Like meditation, massages are a way to reset our perspective. And feel good, of course.
We offer many styles of massage ranging from the RELAXING to the THERAPEUTIC. We are versed in many styles; however, we prefer to hear what you are seeking and tailor our approach to your needs and preferences. Aromatherapy may be added to your session at no extra charge.