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Palm Springs Mobil Massage

Yelp 5***** Frenchy Spa

Simon is a miracle worker.  The word masseuse really does not even begin to cover the breadth and depth of his knowledge. You can instantly tell that his technique is unlike anyone else’s.  He was trained in Europe, where massage is part of overall wellness.  He knows how to apply deep slow pressure to release the maximum amount of toxins from the body.  He also understands in great detail the skeletal structure, muscle tissue, injuries, even pregnancy massage.  He has the expertise of a chiropractor, fitness trainer, medical assistant and masseuse all rolled into one.  I’ve been seeing him for years and during that time he’s hardly ever given me the same massage twice.  He tailors each massage to exactly what my body needs, whether I’m fatigued, have a yoga injury or lower back pain.  He is upbeat, positive, extremely professional and very thorough in addressing your requests.  I always leave feeling 5 years younger and the benefits continue for days.  He is a vital part of my regular self-care regimen and I recommend him to anyone who wants a massage that is truly customized to their body’s needs.
Palm Springs Mobil Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is the mobilization or soft tissue with the aim of restoring their biomechanical and systemic use. Hence, it is ideal for treating musculoskeletal problems. Therapeutic massage therapy goals vary based on a client’s needs. However, most people like stressed-out workers, athletes, and laborers utilize therapeutic massage to maintain good physical health conditions.
Like all other massage therapies, therapeutic massage therapy is conduct by a trained and qualified massage therapists. The therapist is trained to assist people of all ages and with different therapeutic massage requirements like; people undergoing treatment for different muscle conditions, expectant mother, the elderly as well as people living with disabilities. Therapeutic massage includes; rehabilitation massage, anti-stress massage, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, and sports massage among others.
Benefits of Therapeutic Massage
Being a combination of remedial massage and relaxation massage, therapeutic massage relaxing the entire body by alleviating tight muscle spots and muscle issues like tension and cramping. If administered by a qualified therapeutic massage therapist, it boosts blood circulation, delivery of nutrients and oxygen to muscle cells, reduces swelling and assists in excretion of waste products in the body. The blood and nutrients circulation effect of therapeutic massage is beneficial in treating inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Regular therapeutic massage therapy improves circulation, neurological and lymphatic functioning.
Additionally, the relaxation effect induced by the massage lowers blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate to decrease stress effects in the body and boost immunity. Muscle relaxation enhances muscle and joint motion range resulting in improved physical activity. Therapeutic massage therapy is also used to treat psychological and emotional disorders because it triggers the release of endorphin; a hormone that reduces depression and uplifts moods.
Possible Side Effects of Therapeutic Massage
Though designed to offer relaxation and general body wellness, therapeutic massage may cause a few but rare side effects. They include;
Soreness: deep tissue and intense therapeutic massage may be uncomfortable and cause muscle soreness after the session. Since muscles may not be accustomed to such intense manipulation, they respond with inflammation and soreness. However, the soreness lasts for a day or less.
Fatigue and malaise: intense and deep tissue massage can reduce your energy levels since they overstimulate the neurological system to trigger stress-induced fatigue. Massage fatigue is alleviated by relaxing and taking a lot of water to keep the body hydrated.
Rare but serious complications: serious side effects of therapeutic massage are rare but possible. An extremely intense massage session can cause nerve damage or internal bleeding. Also, some clients may experience allergic reactions caused by the oils and creams used by the therapeutic massage therapist.
The ideal time to enjoy therapeutic massage therapy is when you feel fatigued, stressed or less energetic. However, in order to achieve a total state of well-being and relaxation, the massage therapy session must be conducted by a qualified Union Square therapeutic massage therapist and in a professional environment. For further advice about your specific massage needs search for San Francisco therapeutic massage therapist near me and ask all your questions.
Palm Springs Mobil Massage

Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Though the health community has had ambivalent opinions about pregnancy massage therapy, modern research and investigations have proven that pregnancy massage is instrumental in boosting a mother’s health and well-being during pregnancy. It is designed to ease stress and discomfort for the mother-to-be. Moreover, it is administered by qualified prenatal massage therapists who are not only trained to offer top-notch massage to expectant mothers but to also identify symptoms of prenatal disorders like preeclampsia.
What pregnancy Massage Entails?
Pregnancy massage therapy is based on the Swedish massage principles and techniques. This is because, it focuses on reducing muscle tension, boosting lymphatic drainage and blood flow. Like other therapeutic massage sessions, the prenatal massage therapist may use aromatherapy oils or burn incense in a bid to heighten the sensory experience for the mother-to-be. However, some aromatherapy oils should not be used during pregnancy massage therapy because they can easily trigger uterine contractions. They include; sage, rosemary, peppermint, thyme, basil, and oregano. As a result, most pregnancy massage therapists prefer to use unscented or low scented oils.
During the massage, you determine how much skin you are willing to expose. Some women prefer wearing tiny clothes while others prefer to remain covered. Note that, in order to enjoy the benefits of pregnancy massage, the prenatal massage therapist must access as much skin as possible. Also, the right body positioning during prenatal massage maximizes effectiveness. Expert massage professionals recommend the side-lying position during the massage. Moreover, research recommends the use of regular massage tables as opposed to a table designed to accommodate pregnant women. The prenatal massage therapist San Francisco will offer foam cut-outs and pillows to support the belly and prevent muscle strain.
Benefits of Pregnancy Massage
Massage during pregnancy works effectively to reduce anxiety, depression, relieve joint and muscle pain. Hence, massage therapists used different massage techniques to address that different pregnancy massage needs and offer benefits like;
Prenatal massage therapy reduces stress and anxiety hormones in pregnant women and boosts the onset of hormones that tend to be low in depressed pregnant women. Hence, women enjoy rejuvenated energy and better moods. Massage offers an opportunity to relax by alleviating daily pregnancy discomforts like sore backs, neck aches, pelvic bones heaviness, ankle swelling, oedema and leg cramps. It alleviates sciatic nerve pain. The mother-to-be enjoys better sleep after a successful prenatal massage therapy due to less discomfort and muscle tension.
Possible Side Effects
Possible side effects of pregnancy massage include; nausea, dizziness, induced labor, causing more muscle tension instead of relieving it, cramping or spotting due to deep back and abdominal massage and injury caused by untrained massage therapists. However, these side effects are avoidable if you work with a qualified prenatal massage therapist.
The benefits of prenatal massage cannot be overlooked. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the services of a certified prenatal massage therapist who is trained to address specific massage and pregnancy needs. The therapist knows how to position you safely, avoid straining the uterine ligaments and watch out for signs of varicose veins and blood clots. Search online for a prenatal massage therapist near me or seek referrals from family, gynecologists, and midwives.