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Thai Massage Therapy

Thai massage therapy is the perfect spa massage therapy that relieves stress and heals the unattended parts of the body. It is the combination of Thailand’s traditional therapeutic massage techniques that heal part of your body. Our experienced therapists will incorporate the perfect blend of assisted posture and massage motions to heal an injury or repair. FrenchySpa is the place where you can get the muscle relaxation treatment through a measured approach for massaging.
Mainly Thai Massage is an old form of massage that is being used all around the world as a healing agent. It will be the best option to prevent back alignments. The massage therapy is inspired by India’s ancient Ayurvedic customs & Ayurveda is the old form of art that is defining the therapy. The massage therapy is concentrating on blood circulation and stress points. The Thai Massage specialists at FrenchySpa ensure that the massage is carried out perfectly for the promotion of inner health and muscle versatility.
Our Thai Massage Therapy is best for:
Muscle relaxation, pain relief, and solution to chronic issues
How does the Thai Massage works?
The Thai Massage Therapy is useful for athletes as well as normal individuals. The pressure techniques are used in Thai massage pinpoints areas for muscular tension build-up. Thai massage is also important to maintain balance or equilibrium for greater wellness. Don’t underestimate the power of effective Thai massage as it acts as an external stimulant to produce specific internal effects within the body and preserves energy.
It is also considered as a complete yoga exercise with varying facets of relaxation. You will get the best massage therapies at a competitive price in Union Square, San Francisco.
What are the benefits and side effects of Thai Massage Therapy?
Here are the benefits of Thai massage:
  • It is reducing muscle tension & spasms
  • It mobilizes the joints
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increases energy level
  • Creates a headache and neck pain
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Provides relief from pain
  • Improves the mental wellness
These are the side effects of Thai Massage:
  • Fatigue or muscle aches
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Nausea
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Sleepiness
  • Inflammation
The Thai Massage Therapists at FrenchySpy are experienced and professional in treating body ailments and chronic pain through massage therapies. It boosts the body’s serotonin production and also curbs the production of cortisol. Massages are meant to intensely relax your body and mind. You will be able to leave behind the pressures of daily life and fall into a meditation-like trance during the session. We will not let you down and promises you of an extravagant experience.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a muscle-melting bliss and a great way to get relieved from muscle stiffness. We provide Hot Stone Massage to our clients using heated stones that are placed at specific sites on the body. The therapy is deepening relaxation and promoting circulation in the muscles. Muscles heated with these stones release stress on a deep level. Our Hot Stone Massage Therapists uses Swedish massage techniques in alternate areas for a rejuvenating and nurturing experience.

Our Hot Stone Massage Therapy is best for –
Muscle Soreness, Tension, and Stiffness

How massaging with a basalt stone will be helpful?
The hot stones used in the massage therapy will be positioned along your spine, along with the legs, between the toes, and in the palms of your hand. The basalt stones are taken from river beds for massage as they have rich iron content that retains heat. Our hot stone massage therapy in Union Square, San Francisco will ease off the muscle tension and increases metabolism. Our therapy session will promote deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of soft, water-heated stones at certain points of your body. The specialists will incorporate a modified massage, with hot stones enhancing the benefits.

Are you facing anxiety problems? FrechySpa is there for you with all different types of message therapies to reduce muscle pain and anxiety. The therapy will help you relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases and muscle tension. Get a healing experience combining hot stone protocols with a full body massage. The stones used for massage have a sedative effect that promotes deep relaxation and relieves chronic pain.

What are the effects and side effects of Hot Stone Massage?
The hot stone therapy will increase the lymphatic flow in your body and remove the waste products. Some of the benefits of hot stone massage are:

Provides relief from pain and tension
Increases the flexibility in joints and aids easy mobility
Reduces tension and chronic stress
Get relief from pain associated with arthritis, carpal tunnel and other chronic conditions
Relaxes the tense muscles
It alleviates depression
Promotes sleep and improves circulation
Relief from back pain and muscular pain
Here are the hot stone massage side effects –
Scalding and burning
Bruised and sore skin
Increases sensitivity
Increased risk of infection
FrenchySpa provides you the massage therapy at a very cost-effective rate. A Hot Stone Massage is a popular form of massage that is providing the warmth of the hot stones for a relaxing experience. The massage is suited for people who feel chilly or have cold feet. The heat is relaxing the muscles and thus allowing the therapist to work with the muscles without using deep pressure. The stones we use are never rough and are heated in an electrical heating unit. The services are provided by an experienced therapist with many years of experience in the same field.


Sports Massage

Sports massage is a great way to boost the performance of an athlete. The therapy can be used for rehabilitation, during the training period, and pre & post-performance. The massage is beneficial for all athletes as it improves your athletic performance. There are physiological and physical benefits of the message therapy. It plays a vital role in the life of any sportsman or woman whether they are facing injury or not. Lead a better life and improve your performance on the field.

FrenchySpa offers the service of sports massage with the emphasis on preventing injuries and upgrading the individual performance. Sports massage speed up the healing process through simulation of the blood circulation in case of any injury or rehabilitation. Our sports massage therapist in Union Square, San Francisco takes care of the massage requirements of an athlete or sports person. It is the great way for anyone to deal with injury, a range of motion issues and chronic pain.

Our Sports Massage Therapy is best for:

Preventing Injuries, Enhance Performance, and Rehabilitation

What makes sports massage different from regular massages?

This type of massage therapy method alleviates the pain occurring in certain parts of the body. Athletes can manage stress better with sports massage. Its ability to target muscle-tendon junctions makes it different from a regular massage therapy. Our massage therapy is availed by world-class professionals, to runners and field players. Even a normal individual can experience the massage to prevent injury. The massage therapy will be a welcome boost to your normal regimen. When an athlete visits us for a massage, we focus on parts of the body that are over-used and pressured.

What are the benefits and side effects of sports massage?

Sports massage is safe for all and the benefits include:
Increase in blood flow and flexibility
Increase in Joint Range of Motion (ROM)
Increase in the elimination of waste product like lactic acid
A decrease in muscle tension and neurological excitability
Less chance of injury
Less recovery time between workouts
Improvement in tissue elasticity
Opens micro-circulation
Reduction in pain
Reduction in anxiety
There can be side-effects in some cases like –
Fatigue or muscle aches
Headaches and migraines
But the chances of side-effects are very less when you are in touch with an expert therapist. For people participating in regular exercises, Sports Massage will be a welcoming boost to their routine. Before getting on to action, talk with a therapist to get the desired results. Our qualified therapists will suggest you the best plans to work with the level of activity.
FrenchySpa is offering the best massage therapies at the best price in San Francisco with desirable results. Clearly sports massage therapy is the best solution to prevent injuries and affect your performance in a positive way. Sportsperson can recover quickly from an injury with our best massage therapy program.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage reaches out to the source of your muscle, ligament and tendon pain for providing relief. The massage will be provided to you by an experienced therapist, creating heat using massage strokes that will help reach out to the deep layers of tissue. Begin working towards a healthier, happier life!

Our Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is best for –

Arthritis, Repetitive Motion Injury, Chronic Pain, Misalignment, Inflammation, and Repetitive Motion

Important Guide: Drink water before and after the massage to flush released toxins from your system.

FrenchySpa recommends Deep Tissue Massage Therapy for constantly stressed places such as painful shoulders, low back pain & hardness, and firm neck. Any problem of stiffed pain tissue and lower back pain gets released with the message therapy. Facing any problem of muscle tension in legs? The tissue message not only eases the muscle tension but also releases lower back pain and stiffed pain tissue. Our deep tissue massage therapists will assist in direct deep pressure and recover your normal activity. You will feel more relaxed after the message therapy.

How does it work?

Firm pressure is used in Deep Tissue Massage with slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle. This will be the best solution for chronic aches and pain in sore shoulders, muscle tightness, upper & lower back pain. With some strokes, you might feel it like a normal massage therapy, but it isn’t similar to other regular massage. Get the best message therapy services in Union Square, San Francisco at a cost-effective price.
Break up scar tissue with the massage therapy and physically break down muscle or adhesions that can disrupt a limited range of motion, circulation & pain. The message starts with lighter pressure for warm up and muscles preparation. We apply specific techniques in the tissue massage therapy that include:

Stripping – Deep pressure is applied along the length of the muscle fibers using forearm, knuckles, thumb, and elbow

Friction – We apply pressure across the muscle grain to realign the tissue fibers and release adhesions

What are the benefits and side effects of deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage focuses on specific physical conditions like:
Limited mobility
Quick recovery from injuries like falls and whiplash
Low back pain
Postural problems
Upper back or neck pain
Tennis elbow
Muscle tension in hamstring, glutes, quadriceps, rhomboids
Here are the side effects that might be caused by Deep Tissue Massage:
Skin redness and heat
Aggravate existing injuries
What to do if the side effect continues?

The side effects of the deep tissue massage are minimal and don’t last more than a few days. Contact your therapist if the pain even continues after few days. You can also contact your general doctor in case of serious problems.

FrenchySpa takes care of your chronic stress areas with effective massage therapies. Have a few minutes of massage to get relief from several pains and muscle stress. We have experienced therapist for the work; taking care of your demands.